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Print Audit Consulting

Most organizations today have great difficulty pin-pointing their complete costs associated with their expansive requirements of print, spam and collateral material. For years, our auditors and print-buying experts have uncovered many dollars of savings for several small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. We created an in depth, yet simple process of analyzing and auditing your current vendors to unveil a transparent understanding of those escalating expenditures. Whether a corporation spends $50,000 or $50,000,000 on print, we always uncover savings that come to your bottom line when our audit recommendations and procurement solutions are put in to place.

What We Do

  • Our print professional auditors will get a clear picture of your monthly and annual spend by reviewing your current vendor pricing.
  • We will secure three bids from quality, wholesale manufacturers with our leveraged high-volume buying power. Our 35 years of trusted personal business relationships with owners/CEO’s of manufacturers eliminate all unnecessary, passed along mark-up from a sales force.
  • Once the results are gathered from the audit, we show you a detailed report for your current annual spend, then your annual savings! Our proposal is your procurement remedy to your bottom line and leverages VOLUME GROUP BUYING POWER!!

Procurement Services

With a finished review that showcases enormous year over year investment funds, we'll offer your organization an inside and out arrangement and a fitted agreement to allow your access to our volume bunch discount estimating. Our expert group will set up your records legitimately with our merchants and illuminate those sellers to your organization's desires.

  • Reduce your print expenditures, allowing your company to purchase direct from a wholesale manufacturer
  • Monitor and evaluate logistic, and storage services so we can purchase your items in cost effective quantity price breaks
  • Control your company’s image and branding to make sure that things are consistent amongst all the vendors
  • Interview and evaluate any new vendors calling on your firm, to see if they might bring something new to the table with ideas or cost savings
  • Control your company’s image and branding to make sure that things are consistent amongst all the vendors
  • Implement a detailed usage and inventory report showing you the scale of ordering and the items on hand each month
  • Set up an internal purchase order system, and establish a credit line with the wholesale manufacturers allowing you to purchase directly, eliminating any salesforce
  • We work on your behalf, enabling your team to focus and maximize time spent on other projects